Workers Compensation

A workers compensation attorney is a lawyer that can help individuals needing fight for “workmen’s comp”.  Workmen’s comp is a benefit awarded to workers that were injured or disabled while on the job. Workers compensation is a mutual agreement between the employee and the employer that the employee will not sue the employer for any additional damages. During the workers compensation period, the employee will get monetary assistance with medical bills, money for a permanent injury and loss wages. The injured worker is agreeing not to sue the employer for any additional damages resulting from the injury.

​If you are injured in Georgia or South Carolina, Tom Allgood, can assist you in applying with “workmen’s comp.”  Workers compensation can be difficult to maneuver due to the laws and statutes regarding employment and labor issues.  A  workers compensation attorney will help you navigate the entire process from initiating a claim to getting medical evaluations completed.

​Most workers compensation programs are run through insurance companies, and insurance companies may try to limit how much money is given to injured employees. For this reason hiring an attorney can insure that an injured employee gets the money they deserve. Being away from work for weeks or months can cause a significant strain in one’s life, and workers’ compensation was designed to assist injured workers keep from losing their home, cars and other personal items.

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