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Trucking is one of the fastest growing careers and more drivers sign up every day to earn a CDL and join this fleet of dedicated drivers. With the territory comes the simple fact that truckers are on the road more than any other driver type and thus the chance for accidents is greater. Trucking accidents are quite common even among tenured drivers as road and traffic conditions coupled with the long distance can make things hazardous.

If you are involved in a trucking accident, do not wait for the accident investigation to finish before calling an attorney. The reason for this is the fact that even if you are not at fault, the fact that you are a professional driver will lead others to blame you. This is especially true when truckers are targeted by swoop and stop tactics or other insurance fraud cases by drivers who want insurance money from trucking companies.

​Contacting an attorney while details of the accident are still fresh can give you an advantage should the case go to court. You will have the peace of mind that not only will your injuries in the trucking accident be taken care of, you will not have to suffer the injustice of being blamed for an accident that was not your fault in the first place.

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