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Instances of Nursing Home Abuse have increased at an alarming rate throughout the US.  One of the reasons it is difficult to place a loved one into a nursing home or other long-term care facility is due to nursing home abuse.  It is even more difficult to learn that a loved one is not being properly cared for or has been abused by the staff and owners of these facilities. Most persons who are in nursing homes or other care facilities are vulnerable to abuse by untrained or unqualified staff.  Oftentimes the victims of abuse are not in a position to report or draw attention to the abuse.  Some common signs that of nursing home neglect include:

​ • Bed sores and pressure sores;
• Medication and prescription errors
• Overmedication
• Broken bones or bruises
• Falls
• Sudden loss of weight
• Dehydration
• Signs of physical or emotional abuse
• Poor hygiene
• Torn clothing
• Evidence of sexual abuse

The law requires nursing home personnel or other medical or nursing staff to report any instances of nursing home abuse.  Despite this law, a large majority of nursing home neglect and abuse cases go unreported.  You should not hesitate to contact a lawyer if you suspect that your loved ones are being abused in a nursing home.  Only by being active and holding nursing homes accountable can we help curb nursing home abuse. Nursing home malpractice can result in terrible injuries to elderly and disabled persons and, in some instances, can result in death.  Pressure sores can result in life-threatening infections and falls can result in traumatic injuries.  In addition, nursing home residents can be overmedicated and experience overdose, serious injury, or death.  It is important that the elderly are treated with the dignity and care that they deserve and that nursing homes be held accountable. Nursing home neglect cases require careful investigation to determine the cause of injuries and to determine whether a nursing home or assisted living facility has failed to provide adequate care. 

Nursing Home Neglect